Where you are a stranger only once…

We at the Baldwin Street Grille have three main objectives: To provide customers with great food, great beer, and a comfortable, welcoming, environment. Whether you’d like to watch a sporting event in the company of fellow fans, socialize with good friends and neighbors, or just relax after a long day, Baldwin Street Grille is where you want to be.

We’re currently operating with limited hours due to current restrictions. At this time we are only open while our kitchen is serving food. Schedule is…

Monday – Friday: 2PM to 12AM
Saturday and Sunday: 11AM to 12AM

In addition, we are following the Dane County Health guidelines which means everyone must wear a mask, remain seated, and stay 6 feet apart from one another. Exceptions for each:

Masks – Must be worn at all times, unless eating or drinking.
Remain Seated – Must be stationary at a seat, unless getting up to go outside to smoke or using the restroom.
6 Feet Apart – Must remain 6 feet apart from other patrons, unless from the same household. We ask that you use a table if you wish to sit with a group.

Safety and comfort is our top priority here at Baldwin Street Grille, which means that we will ask you to follow the above rules. If you are unable to wear a mask due to health reasons, we are happy to provide carry out options for you. Please call ahead if that is the case.

We continue to hold the right to refuse service for any reason. Please help us stay open by continuing to follow the rules that we are being held to.

We appreciate your continued support, understanding, and patience, while we all navigate these unusual times.

From everyone here at Baldwin Street Grille, we thank you!!