Meet Us


Ryan Schultz


Ryan with his best bubbie buddy Wentworth

Tony Petty

General Manager

Tony is still not sure about cameras

Thor Stilwell

Bar Manager

Thor feeling cute after tearing a phone book in half

Justin Davis

Kitchen Manager

Justin peaking out from the kitchen

Core Bartenders


Kyla and Josh of Piano Fondue slinging drinks and tunes!

Come visit Kyla:
Monday AM
Tuesday PM
Friday PM
Saturday AM


Thor again?! He’s not just a manager! Here he’s bartending and getting ready to cut some pizza!

Come visit Thor:
Thursday PM
Friday PM
Saturday PM


Jason rocking out with Sid the Pug

Come visit Jason:
Wednesday PM
Friday PM
Saturday PM
Sunday PM


“Oh hey, what’s up?”

Come visit Bri:
Monday PM
Wednesday AM
Thursday AM
Sunday AM


Cheers from Jen!

Come visit Jen:
Friday AM
Saturday AM

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